@ 41 hwy 33 west Kelowna

4.6 out of 5 Rating from (81 reviews)

Welcome to Garcha Bros Meat & Poultry Shop - Kelowna located at #41 301 Hwy 33 West (Plaza 33), Kelowna, BC V1X 2A1, Canada | Call : 7787532221 for best & healthy variety of Meat. The quality of meat in this Kelowna Meat Shop is always healthy & fresh. Superb Quality Meat Store in BC-133, Kelowna.

  • 301 Hwy 33 W Unit 37, Kelowna, BC V1X 1X8, Canada
  • 778.753.2221

Garcha Bros 41 hwy 33 west Kelowna

4.6 out of 5 Rating , from ( 81 reviews)

Garcha Bros Meat Shop & Poultry Location 9 : Welcome to Kelowna Meat Shop (Meat Store Plaza 33​ Kelowna) of Garcha Bros at #41 301 Hwy 33 West (Plaza 33), Kelowna, BC V1X 2A1, Canada | Call : 778 753 2221 for Yummy Fresh & Best Meat Items variety in this Kelowna Meat Shop. Super Excellent Treats with Healthy Fresh Tasty Takeaway Meat for everybody in this Meat Shop of Kelowna City. Kelowna Best Meat Shop with always healthy, tasty whole meat variety as Menu of Garcha Meat Shop have options of Marinated, Non Marinated, Ground Meat & Chicken classifications. Extraordinary  from the location in Kelowna to the Mouth-Watering Fresh Quality Meat. Kelowna's premier Meat Shop for the finest quality best dishes like Kashmiri Chicken Buffalo Chicken, Kashmiri Wings, Lamb Leg, BBQ Hot Wings, Boneless Chicken Breast (Cut Pieces), Chicken Tikka, Goat Chops, Bone-In Thigh, Free Range Organic Chicken, Goat Leg, Goat Pickle and much more high-end meat items available in Menu of Kelowna Garcha Meat Shop. It has lot of variety in Takeaway Meat Products in Kelowna City.


As per for price, quality and selection of meat, the Garcha Bros is Best Choice Meat Shop. Normally so many people, visitors, tourists in every area looking for food as same way people around Kelowna city also looking for meat products or meat items with lots of methods in process of thinking like Meat in Kelowna, Meat Hwy 33, Meat Plaza 33, Delicious Meat Kelowna, Meat Kelowna, Healthy Meat Kelowna, Tasty Meat Kelowna, Fresh Meat Kelowna, Flavourful Meat Kelowna, Quality Meat Kelowna, Best Meat Kelowna, Variety of Meat Kelowna, Freshest Meat Kelowna, Kelowna's Best Meat ( OR ) new people, residents in the city, visitors always searching best shop(s) or place(s) of meat in Kelowna city as like Kelowna's Best Meat Shop, Kelowna Quality Meat Shop, Best Quality Meat Store Kelowna, Healthy Meat Store Kelowna, Fresh Meat Store Kelowna, Variety Meat Shop Kelowna, Fresh Meat Shop Kelowna, Freshest Meat Shop Kelowna, Best Meat Shop in Kelowna, Kelowna Best Meat Store. In all these searches Our Garcha Bros Meat Shop will definitely satisfy all types of customer’s need linked to prime quality meat products in Kelowna city area. So Our Garcha Bros is final destination place or One Stop Meat Shop for all those residents, visitors, tourists consistently looking for variegation of delish & healthy meat in Kelowna city area.


Visit Our Fresh Quality Meat Shop in Kelowna for pleasurable experience. We look forward to serving you soon in our Kelowna Meat Shop. We offer only the highest quality meat products for takeaway to ensure our customer's complete satisfaction. The quality of takeaway meat in our Kelowna Meat Store is always healthy and fresh. Tasty & Fresh High-end Meat Products are always available in this Healthy Meat Shop at Hwy 33 West (Plaza 33), Kelowna, BC, Canada.