@ Unit 5 1115 Gateway Road Winnipeg


This store also offers cooked meat products

  • 1115 Gateway Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2G 0A5, Canada
  • (204) 661-3513

Garcha Bros Unit 5 1115 Gateway Road Winnipeg

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Garcha Bros Meat Shop & Poultry Location 5: Welcome to Winnipeg Meat Store of Garcha Bros at  1115 Gateway Rd Unit 5, Winnipeg, MB R2G 0A5, Canada | Call : 204 (661)-3513 for Fresh, Tasty & Healthy Take away variety of Meat items in Winnipeg. Cooked Food Also Available in Winnipeg Store - Fish Pakora, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Wings, Grilled Fish. This is Healthy Quality Meat Shop which contains all kinds of whole meat. The quality of meat in this Winnipeg Meat Shop is always fresh. Excellent Treats with Fresh Quality Meat Items for everybody available here. WINNIPEG Best Meat Shop with always fresh & healthy whole meat items. Winnipeg’s premier quality meat shop for the finest food stuff BBQ Chicken, Fish Items, Boneless Chicken, Whole Chicken Fryer, Goat Meat, Lamb Meat, Tandoori, Marinated Steaks and Chops and much more High-end meat products also available in this Meat Store. Excellent from the location of Meat Shop in Winnipeg to the supreme quality of meat products.

Now Cooked Items are also available